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"Olympic Technopark" opened its doors at the innovation center "Skolkovo".

"Olympic Technopark" opened its doors at the innovation center "Skolkovo". On the territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo" 2 and 3 June held the largest in Eastern Europe international conference startups - Startup Village. The number of registered visitors - 12 thousand people - substantially exceeded forecasts of the organizers.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. "Skolkovo is not just a word, but a beautiful place and beautiful people who know how to think and do something new - he said. - I hope the two days that lasted Startup Village, will be incendiary. "
One of the first places visited by the Deputy Prime Minister began to open in innograda tent Innovation Center of Russian Olympic Committee (ROC IC) "Olympic Technopark", which presents the latest developments and technologies in the field of sport.

 "Here, we present our concept of industrial park, talk about special projects that the Russian Olympic Committee successfully applied at the final stage of preparation of the Russian national team for the Olympic Games in Sochi, - he said CEO Sergei Zotkin ROC IC. - In addition, demonstrating how technology elite sport go into mass sports, they can be used for a healthy lifestyle. This is the potential that has been accumulated as a result of the Olympic Games. We try not to lose this valuable experience, we try to accumulate it. The point of application of our forces was chosen Fund "Skolkovo". We like Skolkovo ecosystem, like the people with whom we interact, we are a complete synergy ".

 On the first day of the conference in a tent IC R & D have been a number of bilateral meetings with representatives of development institutions and investment funds, to discuss issues of cooperation. One of them was crowned with the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the company for software development Softline. New Partner Innovation Center OCD help implement information technology in sports, biological, medical and other EC projects OCD.

 One of the guests of the tent was the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin. He appreciated the implementation of EC experts the idea of ​​using the ROC Olympic legacy in the preparation of the sports reserve and invited them to come to Astrakhan to discuss the possibility of creating in the region like "Olympic Technopark".

In addition, with the support of the ROC IC for the first time in the Startup Village was organized section "Innovations in sports medicine", in the framework presented a project called ROC IC Scan me. According to organizers, the contest in this section will assist the promotion of the creation of start-up projects in the field of sports and sports medicine, and will attract the attention of investment companies and venture capital funds to the most striking developments and technologies of modern sports medicine.

Genuine interest of visitors caused Starup Village located at the entrance to the tent of unique mobile avtolaboratorii ROC IC used by the national teams in various sports at the training camp. All who wish an opportunity to get acquainted with the functional laboratory device, Transformers, and even to pass a series of tests. Beside them it appeared the truck is parked Sports Russian team "KAMAZ-master". Since November 2014 ROC IC cooperates with a top racing team, participating in the preparation of its pilots and crew members to compete. As a result, in 2015 "KAMAZ-Master" won both the biggest rally-marathon - "Dakar" and the Africa Eco Race.